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As a toll blending specialist, Phoenix Lubricants can tailor a blend to your
specific needs. We also offer a Private Label packaging service of these products.

Our Toll Blending services and credentials include:

•     The purchase and trading of raw materials; base oils and additives
•     A drum design with your company branding if required
•     An alliance with our blending plants in Singapore and Malaysia
•     A guarantee your products will meet performance criteria governed by
      American Petroleum Institute (API), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE
and Americans Society of Testing Methods (ASTM)
•     Our alliance companies incorporate ISO 9001:2000 best practice philosophy,
      whilst being EOLCS licensee and certified under Lloyd’s Register Quality       Assurance.

For more information on our Toll Blending or Private Label services please
contact one of our consultants.

OEM Certificate Approval
OEM Certificate Approval
Phoenix Lubricants. The First
Australian Lubricant supplier certified by ALA
Australian Lubricant Association
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in Six Main Areas of Lubrication

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